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Art of rubber straps that don’t actually exist and make me sad because they don’t exist ;; Did you know Gundam Wing turns like 20 next year? Isn’t that a cause for adorable merch? No? Okay…

So! I caved in and decided to post the pilots-only set. Mostly ‘cause I have no idea who else to add… So far my additions are: Relena, Zechs & Treize. I might make the engineers for shits and giggles ‘cause it’s the engineers.

My biggest pet peeve with these precious boys is the colours. None of the screenshots/scans are the same. I know that technically precious little 04 is supposed to be the palest of the bunch (somehow) but I happen to like the screenshot I use ‘cause it’s clear and… Yeah. I’ll manage your palettes eventually guys.


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